Chef Will's Kids classes will take your child on a culinary adventure in each class. We will teach your child a valuable life lesson of cooking while having fun. Kitchen etiquette and safety will be taught along with recipe reading, nutrition and what foods are in season. Ages 4-10($35) and ages 11-15($40)


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March 12 2-3:30 pm ages 4-10

March 26 2-3:30 pm ages 4-10

June 4 2-4pm ages 11-15

June 11 2-4pm ages 11-15

June 18  2-4pm ages 11-15

June 25 2-3:30pm ages 4-10

July 2 2-4pm ages 11-15

July 9 2-3:30pm ages 4-10

July 16 2-4pm ages 11-15

Unlock Your Child's Potential with the Power of Art 

Denise Onwere Gallery and Chef Will the Palate


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